Our Purpose

Build a growing and committed audience of educated citizens committed to and capable of leading a durable and successful political renaissance in American politics.

Our Difference

This presidency is an opportunity for new, vibrant conservative institutions to lead an intellectual reformation that reinvigorates conservatives and drives a political realignment that encourages a restoration of American Greatness through a return to constitutionalism.

The Center for American Greatness is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are funded by private donations and do not accept government funding. Our EIN is: 81-4984970 Your support will help us to grow and expand our footprint while reaching new audiences. Since its launch in 2016, the Center for American Greatness has had a laudable impact in the world of journalism. We feature some of the best thinkers on our site and have quickly grown by filling a need within the marketplace. But we are just getting started! Thank you for your support of The Center for American Greatness.

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