Russian ‘Collusion’s’ Greatest Hits

An Epidemic of Erasures, Redactions, Omissions, and Perjuries

Imagine the following: The IRS sends you, John [...]

Does ‘Make X Great Again’ Ever Happen in History?

The short answer: Sometimes. Here’s one example. By [...]

Peter Strzok’s Affair is a National Security Crisis

FBI agent Peter Strzok held one of the most [...]

NeverTrump is Now NeverSCOTUS

As Democrats have (another) collective meltdown over this [...]

Liberalism and the Abnormal Trump

The enduring triumph of liberalism was not the [...]

Trump’s Message: Full Transparency to Restore Trust

Back in the day, I wrote for a [...]

The Dream and the Nightmare of Globalization

After World War II, only the United States [...]

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