Author: Thaddeus G. McCotter

It’s ‘Communist’ Not ‘Critical Race Theory,’ Folks 

It is hard to believe, but Joe Biden may not even be America’s most accomplished plagiarist. The “antiracist” radicals can stake a claim, given their own renown and remuneration and their ruination of others. By plagiarizing the tenets of communist China’s Cultural Revolution, the anti-racist grifters have turned white progressives’ self-loathing masochism into a veritable … Continued

How the Left Intends to Preserve Its Press Fiefdom

Despite their perspicacity, America’s founders could not have envisioned every turn to which human nature would subject the United States. In fairness, who could foresee the temerity of the deceitful, conspiracy peddling, leftist media now demanding to be designated as the repository and gatekeeper of truth?   When drafting the First Amendment’s recognition and protection of … Continued

Joe Biden: Unconscious Maoist

During his half-century in the federal government, Joe Biden proved himself a plagiarist, a grifter, and a middling partisan hack. Newly installed into the presidency, Biden is now proving to be an unconscious Maoist, critical race conspiracy theorist, and aspiring totalitarian. In a recent “appearance” with his fellow genocidal communist China appeaser, Canadian Prime Minister … Continued

Biden’s ‘Unity!’ with Genocidal Communist China

Recently, I wrote of the Left’s despicable hypocrisy regarding political violence, including left-wing serial killer chic—Che Guevara t-shirts, portraits of Mao above the mantle, ad nauseum. While having no expectation the Left would change its vile stripes, nonetheless I was taken aback at how brazenly Beijing Joe Biden—our appeaser-in-chief—kowtowed to Communist China’s genocide of the … Continued

Crony Socialism’s Death Throes   

The Democrats’ crony socialism is in its death throes. Our communications revolution empowered individuals to make their own decisions and have their voices heard and heeded. It was a welcome development for our constitutional republic, for it promised to increase the liberty and the equality of its citizens.  But the empowerment of Americans to make … Continued

Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Political Violence Runs Deep

After the Civil War, the Democratic Party (with the notable exception of the Ku Klux Klan) had renounced employing domestic terrorism, armed insurrection, and political violence as tools for advancing their agenda. This nearly unanimous bipartisan consensus between Republicans and Democrats prevailed for around 100 years, throughout syndicalists and anarchists bombings and assassinations, including of … Continued

Is This the Normal You Voted For?

We are being bombarded by a triangulation of disinformation from the Left’s political hacks, complicit media, and crony corporations. This deceitful trifecta is a psychological operation against Republicans, populists, and conservatives—the sane coalition that alone can and must save our republic from the tyranny of “[their] democracy.” Through this diaphanous prism of realization, one can … Continued

Joe Biden, B.S. Artist

Long before I ever thought of entering politics, my prescient father opined to me that “all politicians are B.S. artists.” He later reinforced this point: “And the worst ones are the ones who believe their own B.S.”  My father knew he was over-generalizing to hammer home his point to a son not known for heeding … Continued

The Democrats’ Decapitation Strategy

In their latest entry in their litany of hypocrisy, the Democrats are trying assiduously to suppress the very opposition strategy they engaged in during the Trump Administration.  It is ironic, and in many instances unnecessary. By and large, Republicans and populists would never engage in many of these political tactics. Nevertheless, the Democrats are trying … Continued

A Tale of Two Senators

The current antagonism between Republicans and MAGA supporters will prove short-lived, regardless of whether either side relishes their union. Why? Remember the political aphorism that nothing brings antagonists together faster than a common problem.  For the 74 million Americans who in 2020 voted to Keep America Great—including Republicans, MAGA supporters, independents, and Democrats—that problem is … Continued