Author: Debra Heine

CNN and WaPo Issue Corrections After Misquoting Trump in Phone Call with Georgia Election Official

CNN and the Washington Post issued corrections on Monday, revealing that they “misquoted” some of former President  Trump’s comments in a December phone call with Frances Watson, Georgia’s top election investigator. In their original reports, CNN and the Post claimed Trump ordered Watson to “find the fraud,” and if she succeeded, she would be a … Continued

Black Suspect ID’d in Vicious Attack on Asian Senior in Oakland, as Media Continues to Blame Trump’s Rhetoric for ‘Racist’ Violence

CBS is blaming former President Donald Trump’s “anti-Asian” rhetoric for the brutal attack on an elderly Asian man in Oakland, California, which left the victim brain-dead. The assault happened just before 7 a.m. Tuesday while the 75-year-old a widower was taking his morning walk in Oakland’s Adams Point neighborhood. Witnesses described seeing an older model … Continued

Newly Revealed Emails Show Green Bay Officials Gave Keys to 2020 Election to N.Y. Dem Operative

The Wisconsin House of Representatives on Wednesday held a hearing to review election irregularities after newly revealed documents obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight revealed that Democrat activists, funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were able to infiltrate the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin’s five largest cities. In Green Bay, a Democrat activist was actually given keys … Continued

Whistleblower: Biden’s FAA Forcing Air Traffic Controllers to Wear Masks While Speaking to Pilots, Causing Serious Read-Back Errors

An Air traffic controller is ringing alarm bells about the Biden administration’s mask mandates, warning that the face coverings are creating a serious safety hazard. Investigative journalist Alex Berenson reported on Twitter that he received an “urgent warning” from an air traffic controller who works at a major Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) for … Continued

Biden Forgets the Name of His Defense Secretary During Televised Speech

Joe Biden forgot the name of his own Secretary of Defense during a tightly scripted televised speech on Monday announcing the nominations of two female generals. The announcement of the nominations of Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost and Army Lt. General Laura Richardson to the important military commands was timed to coincide with International … Continued

Texas Moves to Outlaw Big Tech Censorship of Opposing Viewpoints

The Lone Star State, like Florida, is moving to outlaw viewpoint discrimination on social media platforms. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined State Sen. Bryan Hughes at a press conference Friday afternoon to discuss a new bill that will prohibit social media companies from censoring opposing viewpoints. “The First Amendment is under assault by these … Continued