Author: Conrad M. Black

Biden’s Rapidly Deflating Honeymoon Balloon

After just two weeks, a few political realities are starting to encroach upon the Biden fairyland, whose nativity was heralded in Fox News’ Trump-hater Chris Wallace’s assertion that Biden’s inaugural address was the best in over 60 years.  After all the tear-jerking promises to emancipate Central American waifs from the “Auschwitz-like” cages, as they were … Continued

Impeachment Won’t Obscure the Democrats’ Divisions

Despite the heavy pressures on it from Right and Left, the American political system is in fact functioning moderately well. This must be counted as evidence of its fundamental strength, given that there remains serious doubt about the outcome of the last presidential election, and the dictators in Big Tech and Big Media continue to … Continued

The Nature of the Chinese Threat

It is almost impossible to describe adequately how absurd the partisan abrasions of American politics appear after listening to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s virtual address earlier this week to the inevitable World Economic Forum at Davos. A more unlikely setting could not be imagined: Davos is a dingy, cold, little town inhabited by grumpy German … Continued

Can Joe Unite Us?

It is now almost a platitude to express concern about the apparent gap between Joe Biden’s call for national unity in his inaugural address and his identification, in the same speech, of opposition elements and policies that had to be overcome. A variant of the same concern is that the implications of several of the … Continued

Joe Biden’s Free Shave

Some have been more vociferous in their criticism of Joe Biden than I have, but few have been more consistent. I’ve never forgiven him for what he did to my friend Robert Bork in 1987, a great man who would have been an outstanding Supreme Court justice. Biden as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee … Continued

How Trump Could Make a Compassionate Exit

The greatest and most appropriate gesture that President Trump could make before he leaves office would be to give a blanket pardon to all federal prison inmates who are first-time nonviolent offenders who have served more than half their sentences.  As I and other commentators have had occasion to remark many times, the United States … Continued

Democrats Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred

These are among the darkest days of American democracy. With nearly airtight totalitarian uniformity, the American media robotically repeat that there is no possible argument to be made that the 2020 presidential election produced an unjust result. In the same magical spirit of post-electoral unanimity, President Trump has been condemned for his remarks to hundreds … Continued

Where Does He Go From Here?

There were no objections to President Trump’s address to his followers in Washington on Wednesday until several hours later, when the outrages at the Capitol had occurred. He did not incite violence or go beyond urging his partisans to show “strength.” He and his followers sincerely believe the election was stolen from them, and he … Continued

NATO Needs a Revamped Purpose

There was a good deal of accusatory moaning in the late election campaign about President Trump’s relations with U.S. allies. In fact, one of his accomplishments which is generally approved by Americans is his success in persuading other NATO countries to commit to an additional $400 billion of defense spending and to bootstrap themselves a … Continued

They Don’t Have Trump to Kick Around Anymore

There is substantial danger that the approaching Biden Administration will enter office determined to execute a 180-degree policy course change in almost every field, partly out of the spiteful and irrational antagonism that swiftly arose in opposition to Donald Trump, and partly from the perversity, obsolescence, and reactionary contrariety of current Democratic policy thinking.  Inevitably, … Continued