Author: Conrad M. Black

A Kingdom of the Anti-American Elite

It is disappointing that the wave of national revulsion that must be rising up from the depths of American public opinion has not broken over the heads of the cancelers, statue-defacers, bigots, defamers of American history, and secular iconoclasts. Official committees in various cities, such as San Francisco and Chicago, recommend taking the names of … Continued

The Current Balance Sheet of American Democracy

With any reservations about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election being willfully suppressed by most of the national political media and social media, and the Democrats as the governing party in the White House, and the Capitol torquing up to try to secure the adoption of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill H.R. 1, it … Continued

The Theory That the Trump Era Is Over Is Over

The effect of President Trump’s address to the Conservative Political Action Committee on Sunday has become clearer this week. The key sentence was, “A Republican president will be returning to the White House.” Since the only other living Republican president, George W. Bush, is term-limited, Trump was speaking of himself.  The speech was not only … Continued

Trump’s Triumph at CPAC

President Trump gave a memorable address on Sunday evening to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). For such a boffo performance, the Emmy mistakenly awarded to New York Governor Andrew Pinocchio Cuomo should be retrieved and redirected to the immediate former president.  In one mighty swinging oratorical stroke of 90 minutes, Trump asserted authority over … Continued

A Post-Trump Era? Not So Fast

These are only the opening days of what is supposedly the post-Trump era, and whether the country has really seen the last politically of Donald Trump is a matter that depends upon Donald Trump. The principal Trump-hate outlets are still pleased to refer to him as “the disgraced former president” but, of course, he has … Continued

Biden Is No FDR

Given my consistent but never uncritical support of President Trump and his administration and my frequent expressions of skepticism about Joe Biden over many years, it has seemed appropriate to ease gently into coverage of the new administration and to give it a pass as much as I can. In this spirit, it must be … Continued

The Uniparty’s Wishful Thinking

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) committed a mortal political error on Saturday when, after voting to acquit President Trump on constitutional grounds, he accused the former president of the crime of being “practically and morally” responsible for the invasion and vandalization of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and the deaths of five people.  … Continued

The Vast Bipartisan Pretense of Trump’s Demise

The vast bipartisan pretense that the Trump era is over continued through the universally predicted ignominy of the second impeachment of him. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), whose misfired brainwave the impeachment was, intruded upon a press conference of the House managers, and harangued the audience for nearly 15 minutes with her theory that Donald Trump is … Continued

Take a Page from the French on Assimilation

French President Emmanuel Macron has now warned his countrymen of the menace of American academic and media “woke” thinking and of identity politics as a formula for social oppression and disunity.  France is officially focused entirely on the integration of its entire population into a cosmopolitan French whole, and in a peculiar arc of alliance … Continued

Biden’s Honeymoon Interruptus

So far, after nearly three weeks of the Biden Administration, the only aspect of the Biden campaign promises that has been fulfilled is the promise of a quieter and more normal America. This president rarely speaks to the press, does not travel around the country encouraging his supporters with robust and provocative speeches, rarely takes … Continued