How the Administrative State Kills Us

Maryland’s vile handling of the COVID-19 vaccine affords searing lessons in the failure of bureaucratic government or the administrative state. More specifically Montgomery County (MoCo), Maryland’s bedroom community for the federal bureaucracy, exemplifies how America will suffer under one-party Democratic rule.  As home to highly paid career bureaucrats and medical and other scientific research, MoCo … Continued

The Progressive Imaginarium 

“T-Bone” lives in the progressive Imaginarium.    Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) conjured him up as his fake pal from the ’hood. The “Bone” would now and then materialize to prep the yuppie Booker on his street cred.   “T” was the umbilical cord of authenticity with the underprivileged black community for Booker—the vegetarian, Rhodes scholar, … Continued

Newly Revealed Emails Show Green Bay Officials Gave Keys to 2020 Election to N.Y. Dem Operative

The Wisconsin House of Representatives on Wednesday held a hearing to review election irregularities after newly revealed documents obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight revealed that Democrat activists, funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were able to infiltrate the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin’s five largest cities. In Green Bay, a Democrat activist was actually given keys … Continued

Whistleblower: Biden’s FAA Forcing Air Traffic Controllers to Wear Masks While Speaking to Pilots, Causing Serious Read-Back Errors

An Air traffic controller is ringing alarm bells about the Biden administration’s mask mandates, warning that the face coverings are creating a serious safety hazard. Investigative journalist Alex Berenson reported on Twitter that he received an “urgent warning” from an air traffic controller who works at a major Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) for … Continued

Obama’s Wingmen Set to Take Over Justice Department Again

In his first public remarks, Joe Biden’s acting deputy attorney general promised he would spare no resource in the nationwide manhunt for anyone involved in the Capitol breach on January 6.  “The investigation into those responsible is moving at a speed and scale that is unprecedented, and rightly so,” John Carlin said in a February … Continued

What About ‘Whataboutism’?

We live in an age of change. New phrases and new concerns appear every day. Transgenderism. The menace of insurrectionists. One of the more subtle entrants is “whataboutism.” I don’t recall hearing this phrase until a couple of years ago. Now it appears everywhere. What does it mean? According to the whataboutism haters at the … Continued

The Current Balance Sheet of American Democracy

With any reservations about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election being willfully suppressed by most of the national political media and social media, and the Democrats as the governing party in the White House, and the Capitol torquing up to try to secure the adoption of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill H.R. 1, it … Continued

Biden Forgets the Name of His Defense Secretary During Televised Speech

Joe Biden forgot the name of his own Secretary of Defense during a tightly scripted televised speech on Monday announcing the nominations of two female generals. The announcement of the nominations of Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost and Army Lt. General Laura Richardson to the important military commands was timed to coincide with International … Continued