CNN and WaPo Issue Corrections After Misquoting Trump in Phone Call with Georgia Election Official

CNN and the Washington Post issued corrections on Monday, revealing that they “misquoted” some of former President  Trump’s comments in a December phone call with Frances Watson, Georgia’s top election investigator. In their original reports, CNN and the Post claimed Trump ordered Watson to “find the fraud,” and if she succeeded, she would be a … Continued

The Legends of Our Fall

Many politicians at one point or another live by lies—if they can get away with them.  Our supposed sentinels, the media—self-defined as independent, cynical, and skeptical journalists—are supposed to separate political fictions from truth.   Legends As Facts  Of course, sometimes they used to do that—if only selectively. There were Communist sympathizers in the Roosevelt … Continued

Maternity Flight Suits and Other Admonitions

Just about the first thing Lloyd Austin did after being confirmed as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Defense was to issue a service-wide order mandating a one-day “stand down” within sixty days to “address extremism within the nation’s armed forces.” “What extremism?” you might be asking, and you would be right to ask.  No matter what Lloyd … Continued

It’s ‘Communist’ Not ‘Critical Race Theory,’ Folks 

It is hard to believe, but Joe Biden may not even be America’s most accomplished plagiarist. The “antiracist” radicals can stake a claim, given their own renown and remuneration and their ruination of others. By plagiarizing the tenets of communist China’s Cultural Revolution, the anti-racist grifters have turned white progressives’ self-loathing masochism into a veritable … Continued

Greg Abbott Is Cornered and Scared

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared war on anti-Semitism this week, tying Gab, a free speech-centric social media network, to the issue.  “Anti-Semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas and certainly do not represent Texas values,” he said, flanked by Republican State Representatives Craig Goldman and Phil King in a video released Wednesday. With … Continued

A Kingdom of the Anti-American Elite

It is disappointing that the wave of national revulsion that must be rising up from the depths of American public opinion has not broken over the heads of the cancelers, statue-defacers, bigots, defamers of American history, and secular iconoclasts. Official committees in various cities, such as San Francisco and Chicago, recommend taking the names of … Continued

One Year Later, Vindication for Lockdown Skeptics

One year ago, I tweeted: “This is what the Left wants. They want people stripped of wealth, isolated, and terrified. They want sources of joy—church, sporting events, vacations, large social gatherings—eliminated. This is how they get control. And it’s far scarier than any virus.” It was not a popular sentiment at the time. My initial … Continued

Black Suspect ID’d in Vicious Attack on Asian Senior in Oakland, as Media Continues to Blame Trump’s Rhetoric for ‘Racist’ Violence

CBS is blaming former President Donald Trump’s “anti-Asian” rhetoric for the brutal attack on an elderly Asian man in Oakland, California, which left the victim brain-dead. The assault happened just before 7 a.m. Tuesday while the 75-year-old a widower was taking his morning walk in Oakland’s Adams Point neighborhood. Witnesses described seeing an older model … Continued